GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)

Volume 22 Issue 3 - July - September 2011

The History of Greek Psychiatry through the texts of those who have shaped it
G.N. Christodoulou, D.N. Ploumpidis, A. Karavatos 193
Research articles
Neurocognitive function in clinically stable patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
and normal controls
G. Konstantakopoulos, N. Ioannidi, P. Patrikelis, A. Soumani, P. Oulis, D. Sakkas, G.N. Papadimitriou,
D. Ploumpidis 195
The Life Style Index: Correlations with psychological distress and hostility
T. Hyphantis, G.D. Floros, P. Goulia, G. Iconomou, K. Assimakopoulos 207
Internet use and pathological internet engagement in a sample of college students
G. Tsouvelas, O. Giotakos 221
Special articles
Eating disorders and mass media
A. Peroutsi, F. Gonidakis .231
Post-stroke depression: Recognition and treatment interventions
S. Arseniou, A. Arvaniti, M. Samakouri .240
Case Report
The spectrum of Tourette Syndrome and difficulties in differential diagnosis: A case report
G. Persefonis, D. Karaiskos, E. Tzavelas, T. Paparrigopoulos .249


Research articles

Special articles

Case Report